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Synthetic Forms is an independent video game studio. Our latest game, The Maze Contract, is available on Steam now.

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The Maze Contract is coming soon to steam

The Maze Contract is a single player retro action game with vector-style graphics. It takes a lot of inspiration from the 1980’s shoot-em-up arcade games, but with added tactical elements and lots of upgrades for your ship and weapons.

Sadly, due to time and budget constraints we had to scrap the story mode we blabbed about earlier, but that only meant that we had more time to polish the hardcore arcade mode and bring it to an awesome state. So, if you’re a fan of old-school arcade games you should definitely check this one out. It will be available on Steam soon.

You can check out videos and screenshots, and read more about the game here.

New article posted

We have written a new article entitled “Interception of a moving target”, wherein you may learn how to teach your AI to go about shooting down a moving target (or find the shortest distance to meet up for a hug, your choice). You can read it here.

New section started: Articles

We thought it would be fun to share some insights we’ve gained as game developers, so we started an “Articles” section. Our aim is to write about game development stuff that might be useful and interesting for beginners and seasoned veterans alike.

Our very first article is about a simple and easy-to-use runtime debug console for your Unity project. You can read all about it here!

We expect more articles to be added in the near future.

New game is in the works

If video games were still made using vector graphics, what would they look like? To answer that question we visited an alternate universe where no one knows the word ‘pixel’, and we brought back some great ideas!

The game will be single player only and will feature two distinct play modes: arcade and story. Arcade mode aims to recreate the furious action of the 1980s shoot-’em-up arcade games, but with added tactical elements, while story mode will have a more relaxed pace, featuring lots of dialogue and intrigue. Both game modes will allow the player to upgrade his ship and weapons as he progresses.

We’re calling it ‘Project Meridian’ for the time being, but the official name will probably be a lot cooler. Because we are optimists, we are planning to release it just before Christmas this year (2023). It will be available on Steam for Windows platforms.

More info to come…

Magic Disc Golf is coming soon to Steam

Magic Disc Golf lets you take control of your disc and steer it towards the basket. Find the optimal route, navigate challenging terrain, and use your speed boost to cover some extra ground. Choose from three 18-hole courses and four game modes.

The game will be available on Steam soon.

You can check out videos and screenshots, and read more about the game here.